About Us

As we’re sure you’ve gathered from the Above, Abbi and I are intending to use this to blog our adventures for the world to read and digest.
We are neither setting out to make this intentionally comical or inexorably woeful, rather to shed some light on our experiences not only to our close and loved ones but to the world as an audience. After all, sharing is caring.

We will add pictures, Vlogs and all sorted of pixel-based media as content and we will between us share the heavy burden of keeping this up to date.  Facebook has its place alongside most other social media websites. however hard they may strive though, it is still another social media platform. The hope is that while this is still a media platform of a similar nature, it should remain more dignified and politically correct. Imagine a newspaper travel column written by Michael Palin if you may. Or possibly don’t. 



Finally, we would love you to reply to our posts and blogs on here for a bit of feedback and communication! At the bottom of each post is “leave a reply” – sign up in 30 seconds and give us a few words and a high five. If not on here then on the Facebook updates.




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